We are excited for what God has called Empowered Christian Academy to be, and we can't wait for you to join us so we can show you why we've been chosen as the #1 premier Online Christian preschool. 


you'll love our fun, Faith-Filled classes!


Our preschool classes help your child to make friends, get socialized, and be more than ready for Kindergarten. We focus on a "whole child" philosophy and help develop your child's social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills through PLAY. (Little do they know they are actually learning really important Kindergarten readiness skills WHILE they play - shhh! don't tell them!)

At EmpowerED we have 30 minute Teaching Time classes that captivate your child's attention as well as a separate 30-minute Preschool Pals class. You may ask, "What do we do during Teaching Time?

In the morning for 30 minutes each class day: your child will love spending time with his or her friends learning from an actual preschool teacher (that's ME)! During the teaching time, your kiddo and I will bring their alphabets, phonics, numbers, shapes, and beloved Bible stories alive in an interesting and many times a musical way!

So what is "Preschool Pals"? I'm so glad you asked!

In the afternoon for 30 minutes each class day, your child will have a blast talking to, hanging out, and playing with me as well as 9 other preschool friends. We can’t wait for your child to join our preschool class! 

  • Ages Accepted (by Sep. 1): 3-5
  • ​School Year: Aug.-May (10 months)
  • ​Non-refundable Registration/Supply Fee: $50
  • Additional Fees During the Year: None (all field trips & events are free!)
  • ​Small Preschool Class Sizes: Only 10 students per class
Choose the class that works best for you:

Teaching Times

  • M_W   2 Days/Week   $98/mo.   11:00 a.m. EST
  • ​T_TH   2 Days/Week   $98/mo.  11:00 a.m. EST
  • M-TH   4 Days/Week   $189/mo. 11:00 a.m. EST

*Preschool Pals

  • 12:00, 12:30, 1:00 & 1:30 p.m. EST

*classes are assigned after registration

If you miss a class, we have you covered!


If your child isn't able to make it to class one day, that's okay! We'll upload the class recordings and give you the link so your child can watch them!

Summer Camp

Do you remember going to Vacation Bible School? Remember the fun you had with friends, the cool things you learned, and the yummy snack with the juice box? Give your kiddo that same experience this summer! EmpowerED Christian Academy is bringing the nostalgia and fun of Vacation Bible School to your kiddos virtually!

Children, ages 3-8, will participate in Praise and Worship, listen to Bible Stories, learn through Arts and Crafts, and make Lasting Friendships! A summer they will Never Forget! Limited spots are available! Your kiddo will be talking about how much fun they had, the new friends that made, and how much they learned about God all summer! Our summer camps keep the fun going all year long! They give your children the ability to keep a schedule during the summer, avoid being bored, have something to look forward to, continue their learning, and have a blast being creative! We can’t wait for your child to join our summer campl!

  • Ages Accepted (by June 1): 3-8
  • Camp Session: June-July (2 months)
  • ​​Non-refundable Registration/Supply Fee: $25 per family
  • ​Additional Fees During Camp: None (all field trips & events are free!)
  • ​Small Camp Class Sizes: Only 15 students per class
Choose the camp that works best for you:

Ages 3-5    2 Days/Week   $98/mo.

  • Choose Class: M_W 12:00 p.m.- 1:00 p.m. EST -or- T_TH 11:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m. EST

Ages 6-8 2 Days/Week $98/mo.

  • Choose Class: M_W 2:00 p.m.- 3:00 p.m. EST -or- T_TH 1:00 p.m.- 2:00 p.m. EST
each day is full of fun & learning!

Teaching Time Schedule

10 min. – Welcome & Worship

We are so excited for everyone to arrive online! We get right into worship. We pray, introduce our scripture of the month, and we work together on our cognitive, social, language, and gross motor skills with our calendar, weather, and music and movement; getting our voices and bodies warm.

10 min. – Story Time

This is the time when the story is introduced to the students. It is usually interactive and the students can engage with their voices and their bodies. It will highlight either the character-building theme, the alphabet, or the seasonal theme of the month. We reinforce what was previously learned and build onto it, using the story.

10 min.- Teaching Time

This is the time when we engage in more interactive play. We continue working on our cognitive, social, language, and gross motor skills, using blocks, play-doh, paint, and many things that are already around the house, to help the students conceptualize the over arching theme of the lesson. (Example: If the letter of the week is B and the color of the month is Blue, I may ask the child to find things in their house that are blue, or that they think start with the letter B. If our character building theme is "Being Brave" I may ask them to draw/paint their brave face.)

Preschool Pals Schedule

10 min. – Sharing Time 

We welcome your child back to Preschool Pals, and during this time, they talk to their teacher (Me!) as well as their classmates about whatever it is they wanted to share about Teaching time. What they liked, thought was silly, or want to do again (like sing that song or read that book again).

10 min. – Show n' Tell

During this time, the kiddos feel free to share anything that may be related to what we are learning or not. This is the time where the students just get to relax and create bonds with their teacher and friends. They may want to share the new fire truck their parents gifted them, or show off their new favorite dance. This is their time to shine, and show off the personality that God gave them!

10 min. – Question and Answer

We love working on our cognitive, social, and language skills! This is the time where they get to ask me questions and I get to ask them questions that really get their thinkers thinking! This is a great time to conduct assessments in a stress-free environment for our students. It won't feel like a test, it'll just be fun conversations! There's so much for me to learn, as a teacher, from my students and I'm excited to see how we both challenge each other to greater knowledge and wisdom!

Step #1: Learn More

We have 5-Star Reviews!

When you're at EmpowerED Christian Academy, you're family! We are a Christ-centered online preschool that provides a learning experience that will excite, engage, and intrigue your kiddo. You'll love seeing your child pray and worship God through music and movement. Your child will also love the 1-on-1 attention with our small class sizes of just 10 students!

We are a preschool for children ages 3-5. We offer MORE THAN just preschool... Not only do we help your child socialize and get ready for kindergarten, but we also offer free field trips & events for your entire family so we can experience the wonder of preschool... TOGETHER. 


2 or 4 Days/Week - AM/PM

Teaching Time

2 Days/Week: $98/mo..

  • M_W 11:00 a.m. EST
  • ​T_TH 11:00 a.m. EST

4 Days/Week: $189/mo.

  • ​M_Th 11:00 a.m. EST

Preschool Pals

  • 12:00, 12:30, 1:00, 1:30 p.m. EST

*Assigned after registration

Step #3: call For

a Virtual mEET AND gREET

Call Now: 323-765-1903

Due to high demand, our classes fill up extremely fast. Please call as soon as you even think about enrolling so we can see if we have a spot for you. 

If we do have a spot, we'll schedule a meet and greet. We'll also reserve your child's spot so you don't lose it before we meet. 

During the meet and greet, we'll tell you all about us. At the end, we'll ask: "Would you like your child to come to Empowered?" If so, that's when we'll have you fill out the registration form and we'll collect the registration fee: $50 for preschool or $25 for summer camp.

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